Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rebecca, Jennifer & Matt: Pre-Race Chat

These three agreed to be my test group for these live interviews. They were super friendly and excited to be here. So the questions (keeping in mind that these answers are loose translations; it's way too exciting in this room to write everything down verbatim ; )

ME: What's one lesson you've learned in school that is getting you prepared for the working world?
Matt says Print production. It has very practical and necessary applications.
Rebecca says that helping with this event as a liason for my school has given me some networking skills that will be as helpful as a lot of what I'm learning.

ME: What scares you the most about graduating?
Jennifer says that nothing scares her. She's ready and excited to get to work.

ME: What have you seen among your peers that has become cliche, design-wise.
Rebecca: Flourishes!! (They all chime in with agreement) Like scroll-y, curvy flourishes, it's like design vomit.
ME: Do your instructors smack down on that in crits?
Matt: yeah, when it's not done well. If you're going to do it, it has to done the right way.

To the question "what drives you," Rebecca answers "Eradicating Papayrus from the face of the earth. That and Comic Sans." Well Rebecca, nothing has changed then in the last decade, because it was the same when I was in school!

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