Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Social Networking Seminar at CU

The ATLAS Institute at CU-Boulder presents the next seminar in the ongoing Information Technology & Society Series--

Social Networking:

Using Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn

Guest Speaker:
Matt Galligan, entrepreneur and co-founder of SocialThing.com (recently acquired by AOL)

Monday, October 13th
Refreshments: 6:00pm-6:30
Seminar: 6:30pm-8:00

Location: ATLAS Building on CU-Boulder campus

The seminar is free.

Come find out how this growing, powerful medium is changing the ways people connect and the social life of our time.

Legacy Award Winner 2008

Deborah Williams, proud business owner with Mayor Hickenlooper after the newly, Design and Image created, City of Denver logo was announced to the public at a press conference.

The 2008 Legacy Award goes to
Deborah Williams of Design and Image Communications

Deborah served as ADCD President in 1982/83 and on the Board from 1983-87, twice as Chairman.

Her firm, Design and Image Communications is a successful and well-reputed visual branding firm founded in 1971. Deborah has supported the Art Directors Club in many ways over the years, including participating in the Club's annual show where they have won their share of awards.

In addition to Deborah's involvement with ADCD, she was also President of AIGA Colorado and served on the national board of the Association of Professional Design Firms. She has also served on the boards for Safehouse Denver, the Art Student's League of Denver and the LoDo District.

More recently, Design and Image created the logo for the City of Denver in 2007, which adds a colorful brand to the City's marketing efforts.

As one of the pioneer women in Denver's design community, Deborah has seen many changes. Balancing the business side of design with creative work, Deborah is one of the legends in the community as well as in the Art Directors Club of Denver.

Judges Choice: Rob Sweetman

Rob's choice was chosen for two primary reasons. first the design was clean, sophisticated and well suited for its audience. the second, he just couldn't resist the irresistible small size.

Judges Choice: Howard Schatz

I enjoyed the day of judging---it was a privilege. The great work in all areas was impressive. The struggles that "creatives" endure in Denver are no different from what is experienced in NYC. I could "feel" the clever ideas urging themselves forth and the effect of a client watering them down, playing it safe. It happens. Every so often the client let's go and marvelous work comes forth---I saw that all day on Saturday. The images I chose as my favorites were elegant photographs, beautifully composed. Congratulations to you all, and thanks so much for the wonderful honor of including me.

Best of Show

Jim Landry
Not only did I think this spot stood out from the other entries, I think it would stand out from the sea of mediocrity on TV today. The story was simple. The animation was beautiful. The music was perfect. Even though I wasn’t sure what “Own Your C” was, it made me want to find out more - exactly what a good ad should do. Well done.

Alan Leusink
Among all the entries the “Choice” fairy-tale animation was so visually clever
that it easily became the show favorite. Beautifully animated, hypnotically paced—this short TV spot brought you into a rich, exaggerated dream land.

Judges Choice: Alan Leusink

Small things speak volumes. The “Petunia Pickle Bottom” spring catalogue is not only a collection of chic baby accessories, but elegant photography, classic typography and sophisticated design. It's design has characteristics of a familiar children’s book delivered in a refined, aspirational lifestyle—taking you through a world of visuals from Paris to Katmandu.

Jim Landry: Judges Choice

This spot made me smile. The awkwardly sized, irritated Genie was awesome–“tick tock…” The script was well written and the acting was great. The production quality of this ad made it feel like a national spot.

List of Winners

Big shout out to the people and agencies that can claim to be the best of the best.
Click to actually be able to read them.

John Chiara's Camera is BIG

Short of novelty, John has a trailer he has fashioned into a camera. What is really intriguing is that the process it takes for him to make one shot is immense. Not only is it a bit more like pinhole photography, but he develops giant prints. His process steps much further into art and science than the average artist as he has both artistic and scientific challenges from light metering to photo development. But forget reading this, just spend the 7 minutes with John. You will be better for it.

Diesel Now, Safe for Work

Video to announce thier 30th birthday party. Funny stuff.

Adidas Olympics

You've seen flip books. You've even seen Adidas' Olympic Ads (which ironically, to me, looked like the government and athletes we're on the world stage on the backs of their people as opposed to the support of them). What you haven't seen until know is them together. This makes for a combination the likes of peanut butter and chocolate. Very tast.

Bringing Therapy to a Child Near you

The images are adorable, and the way they just look to be in pain is perfect. Can't imagine how tough the brief was on this one. Seems to prove there is always a great idea for every brand or product out there.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Honda Fit

Love the Animation for these spots for the fit.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Well It's About Damn Time!

The Best Local Work will be showcased on September 26th @ the Brown Palace starting @ 6:30 pm. 

RSVP now to secure your spot for the Show. Don't forget to bring a wheelbarrow to haul all your new hardware home!


Sometimes it is less about serious design or communication. Sometimes it is just visceral.

Bees Need Work Too

Stanley's Honey packaging encourages you to recycle. It not only benefits you, the earth, but also Stanley and his Bees.

Escape The Pattern

Interesting work from Lew Lara/TBWA in Sao Paulo. One of the headlines not shown reads: Satisfaction guaranteed or your boredom back. Escape the pattern. I like that.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hidden Creatures

This reminds me of those crazy animations they used to play on Sesame Street. You know what we're talking about. The ones that made the show worth while to watch way past the age you should still be watching. Either way, more of this on there, I would be watching again.

Best Dressed

Check out Advertising's 10 best dressed, from back in the day, according to Debonair Magazine.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Gates and Sienfeld

Ok, this may just be throwing the gas on the bonfire, but Vanity Fair asked some of the world's best agencies about the ads that have everyone scratching their collective heads. The biggest reason we post this is the Operating system warning labels they use to tell the story. Clever. Oh, yeah, and these are people to listen too. There is that. Collect them all here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Binth Screen-Printed Playing Cards

There's a screen printing kit in my garage that I might have used once. This deck of cards and Binth studio's other work is truly inspiring. Now, if I could only find time to get out the inks and screen, plus a few years to attain something like the same skill...


The only way this could all end.

Tree Typography

What happens when you bring typography to paper's ancestors, trees? Something magical, wonderful and quite stunning. Fitting of, of coarse, Why Not Associates' grand work. The typographic tree columns created in collaboration with Gordon Young at Crawley Library. Work actually in progress and the library opening on January 09. Another reason to go to the library.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mechanical Monster Eats Time

There's a new clock on top of Corpus Christi College in Cambridge. The Guardian UK (read about it and see video in the link) says that the clock, unveiled by Stephen Hawking (designed by John Taylor, inventor) includes six patented inventions and that it is scheduled to run for the next 250 years. Pretty amazing... and weird.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Immortal Architecture?

Private cemetery designed by Italian architect Carlo Scarpa. I love the photos and the structures with the landscape.

The brief article in Wallpaper states that Scarpa himself is buried there. Pretty amazing monument to his work and life. Would seem to immortalize him, to an extent. Click through the slide show and you'll see some photos from a fashion shoot taken place there, as well, adding to the many juxtapositions to explore, including the sacred and the profane.

Bee Architecture

Check out this amazing structure for Sinosteel International Plaza in Tianjin, China, What's amazing is there is no internal structure do to the honeycomb outside.

Sienfeld and Gates not Out

According to Gizmodo:

From a Crispin Porter source, we've learned that the internet has jumped the gun and that the Microsoft Gates/Seinfeld ads have not been axed. It's true, Microsoft apparently asked the agency to focus on the new "I'm a PC" spots. And it's true, the agency has gotten plenty of "I don't know what this means" response in their measured statistics of the Gates/Seinfeld ads. But no one has pulled the plug on the dynamic duo just yet.

So, we're guilty too, jumping the gun, so we'll blame the credible news source WSJ for the over zealousness.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sienfeld and Gates Out

Word on the street, Wall Street, is Microsoft is dropping the current campaign and going to something more, shall we say, understandable?

Well maybe not fully dropping the campaign:

What follows is an audacious embrace of the disdainful label that Apple, Microsoft’s rival, has gleefully — and successfully — affixed onto users of Microsoft products: “I’m a PC.”

One new Microsoft commercial even begins with a company engineer who resembles John Hodgman, the comedian portraying the loser PC character in the Apple campaign. “Hello, I’m a PC,” the engineer says, echoing Mr. Hodgman’s recurring line, “and I’ve been made into a stereotype.”

The strategy to use the Apple attack as the basis for a counterstrike is typical for the agency behind the campaign, Crispin Porter & Bogusky.


What it sounds like is they are taking the "I'm a PC." and running with it. Including a "homage" to John Hodgman's' Character. They'll kick off on Tuesday. In the meantime, life will move on.

Pimped-Out Kettles? Who Knew

I love found art sculpture, though these are a bit different. Some of them are pretty cool. An idea for creative departments that need a little outlet and a break from client work? I'd love to see transformed irons (surely we all have one sitting around that we don't use, ne?).

OOH Rainbow

Forget that the rainbow is WAAAAY over done for lottery, just enjoy the work.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Green Green

The movie is the spotlight, but love the logo treatment at the end.

Help Needed

The Need:
PlatteForum is in need of borrowing one or more 11x17” black and white laser printers for our current artist workshops with at-risk youth. We would need the printer from September 15 – October 15, 2008.

The Organization:

Through the creative process, PlatteForum gives hope and direction to underserved youth who collaborate with master artists from around the world. This experience transforms the lives of the youth, the artists and the community. PlatteForum received the 2006 Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

The Project:

Workshops with Creative Resident Gail Watson who is working with at-risk youth in PlatteForum’s ArtLab to create hand-made artist books. Exhibition opens October 16, 2008.

The Contact:

Judy Anderson, judy@platteforum.org

The More:
Gail Watson is a book artist and proprietor of Birdwood Press in Rollinsville, Colorado. In describing her work she comments: “I made my first book in the third grade at P.S. 37 in Queens, New York. I wrote, illustrated and bound the book, “A Trip on a Ship”, when I was eight years old. I grew up in a home with lots of books – art books in the living room and books of a more scholarly nature in my father’s study. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I returned to making books and realized that it is a perfect format for communicating ideas and imagery in a very intimate way. Holding a book in your hands starts a physical, tactile connection with art that allows the images and words full access to your senses. The book or codex lets the artist tell a story or explore a subject but the reader is empowered to linger, flip, twist, and turn at his or her own discretion.” During her residency she will work with ArtLab students interested in exploring their relationship with dominant culture, how ever that presents itself. Are they African-American in a still mostly white America? Chicano? Gay in a still very homophobic America? How aware are they of the historic presidential nomination of a person of color? The resulting work will comprise Dominate Culture: Outside & Other, at PlatteForum that opens during October’s National Book Month.

Any one out there that can help?

If Wikipedia was a Professor

Posted without comment. Except things like excellent and horrible load time.

Zune Masks

Zunes answer to iPod's advertising. Doesn't make me want to switch, but does make me want to make friends.

Chocolate Man

Really well pulled together. Nice thought, nice enough for a Lion anyway. What really kills me is the look on his face.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bullseye Bodega: Target Hits Manhattan

Target opened several New York City style corner stores for four days only. I think that's pretty cool of Target, though I do love the independent stores. From the photos I've seen, I prefer the outside to the inside, which looks like it got mixed up with McDonalds. 
The Gap does something similar in a rotating theme store next to their flagship NYC store (sounds like rotating art in a cafe...). The latest rendition featured Parisian boutique colette. Check out their website — kind of fun.

BK Sweeps

Check out the sweeps that comes with Burger King's Seth Macfarlane's Cavalcade of Comedy. Buy Seth lunch at BK. Just great.

Heart Wrenching

Tough not to like these. On point. OgilvyOne, Sydney, Australia

Torn Money

I have seen a few of these ads lately, you know, the stuck together pages. Nice tech, but this one is the best execution so far. Think how attention getting it would be.

Friday, September 12, 2008

For the Toy Lover

The concept is good. The juxtaposition is great. Enjoy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sienfeld and Gates PT2

Again, why?
Slightly entertaining, yet they just come off as jerks.
Hopefully they go somewhere with this, cause it has to be expensive.

Strange Days in Advertising

No comments necessary. For more of this, see Weirdomatic.

BK gives us Comedy

What do you get when Burger King gets Seth McFarlane create weekly content for the innovative fast food campaign. Well, technically you get Family Guy without the story line, but– You still get a wild fan base and content (and we all know how much the kids love content). Nice, its a win-win. New audience, brand loyalty in the making and comedy. Let's see how it goes.

Mario is pretty damn funny. I'll watch, yeah that was probably the plan.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Take a look at this. Once you are over the overwhelming art direction, you get sucked into the conversation. Undertones of herbivores and carnivores, sexuality, race. Plus it's in GERMAN. It couldn't possibly be a better story, subject or drama. I'll leave you with this: turn the Real world into this, and I will watch it. Wait are they still running that show, does anyone remember it?

If not, there is hope.


As a designer, I completely fell in love with this clock. It does everything I try to do with design. Rethinks form, function, numbers, how you read it, and how simple a clock can be. This is beautiful. Rim Clock by Jansen Ly.

Check out our new friends

Over @ Boulderspace
A site for designers of all disciplines to join together to share information, ideas and concepts, while networking within Boulder’s greater design community. Our goals are to expand networks and markets within our local industry, share creative insight, and attract arising designers and industry leaders alike. We are dedicated to supporting the Boulder design community, and are working to encourage relationships that catalyze greater design the area. Join the discussion if you have some time.

Floating Types Flakes

Ever watch snow falling from the top of a high building? It's a beautiful sight, especially if it's one of those days when the snow creates a giant hush...

...and everything  seems still except the fat floating flakes.

This video makes me feel like that, at least at the beginning. Watch it full screen.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mini Ambient

Simple. Nice work out of Butler and Shine. Seems like they are finally getting a feeling for Mini, good work to follow in the shoes of CP+B.