Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LED Bulbs

Forget fluorescent bulbs, that is so 2007, check out Frog Design's next design, LED. They lose the mercury and plastic for a more sustainable design, plus the light is a less harsh. Besides, don't you just love the screen print design they added?
VIA Gizmodo

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Moises said... is a very good online source for LED bulbs. The web site is pretty user friendly but they have live customer service that came in handy to figure out what was the best LED bulb to do what my old bulbs did. Now I’m using a tiny amount of electricity compared to before. The bulbs were expensive but they’ll pay for themselves pretty quick. Oh yeah, Eaglelight had a calculator on the site to show how fast the bulbs take to pay back in electricity savings what you spent in to buy them. Cool.