Friday, February 27, 2009

More Viagra Commercials Like This

Great concept, especially with all the crapola out there. Z México

One Show

Just want to thank Kevin Swanepoel, President of The One Club, for a very entertaining and enlightening event. Some very on-target discussions about some of the possibilities for human interaction in advertising.
Hope you all have a good weekend.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blackberries and Apples

If you are better than your competition, why do you need advertising to tell someone that?

Died Young, Stayed Pretty

A little disturbing how classically un-trained the people in this trailer are, they still hold a passion for the art. Plus the work usually works well, take that classically trained artist all over. Props to them.
Head over there to read this:

Died Young, Stayed Pretty is a candid look at the underground poster culture in North America. This unique documentary examines the creative spirit that drives these indie graphic artists. They pick through the dregs of America’s schizophrenic culture and piece them back together. What you end up with is a caricature of the black and bloated heart that pulses greed through the US economy. The artists push further into the pulp to grab the attention of passersby, plastering art that’s both vulgar and intensely visceral onto the gnarled surfaces of the urban landscape. The film gives us intimate look at some of the giants of this modern subculture. Outside of their own circle, they’re virtually unknown. But within their ranks they make up an army of bareknuckle brawlers, publicly arguing the aesthetic merits of octopus imagery and hairy 70s porn stars. They’ve created their own visual language for describing the spotty underbelly of western civilization and they're not shy about throwing it in the face of polite society. Along the way, they manage to create posters that are strikingly obscene, unflinchingly blasphemous and often quite beautiful. Yaghoobian shows these artists for what they are: the vivisectionists of America’s morbidly obese consumer culture.


Look for this Near You

It is only a matter of time before somebody thinks of something adver-useful for this, could it be you?
Artist Stuart Semple released these smiley-shaped, pink-tinted clouds to celebrate London industry. Comprised of helium, soap and vegetable dye, a total of 2057 clouds were launched at a rate of one every seven seconds.

VIA Gizmodo

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They Might Have Beer There

Drinking, sorrows, drinking your sorrows, well, those don't taste good until they're away. But I digress. Rediffusion Y&R, Delhi, India

Monday, February 23, 2009

A little more of this can go a long way

And yes, advertising shows us the way. Agence .V.

Crime Stoppers

Simple, on point, memorable. Need more? DDB Canada, Vancouver, Canada

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sprint Nascar

Nice extension of the NFL work they were doing.


Hungry for culture this weekend? This is one you won't want to miss. xrocksthespot™ is proud to present Handmade Graphic Design, a solo exhibit by Begson, with guest artists from xrocksthespot™ and music from Analog Space DJ's Peter Black and A-What! . The show will feauture handmade letraset design hailing back to the roots of graphic design. Join us at Kuulture Yogurt (1512 Larimer St, Denver, CO, 80202) from 7:30 to 11pm on Saturday Feb. 21st for a night of music, art, yogurt, and cocktails.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Kuulture Yogurt, Colorado Wine Source, Analog Space, and of course Begson.

T Rowe Price

These are beautiful, especially considering the financial services source.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Posted because I LOVE type. Get yours here.

Letting Themselves Go

Some things just speak for themselves. Here's a quote anyway:
"Keep obesity away from your child" is the tagline of a new campaign by Texas-based Hispanic shop LatinWorks for an organization called Active Life Movement."

Song Smith

Couldn't pass this up.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok, let's see what Gatorade and Pepsi have:
Tons of money, check
Celebrities willing to do anything, check
Monty Python Movies, check
A pair, check

Unfortunately, what they apparently don't have is the humor of Python (only the will to steal) the relevancy (last I checked, Python was very old) or the idea that sports stars are not actors. Hey, I applaud them for trying something new, but really, is this working? Does anyone think differently of Gatorade? I thought the G campaign before this was good, but now I'm just confused. Oh, they did succeed in one place. I do want to go back and watch the Holy Grail video again, just not this.

Coke Side of Life

This is just odd. Pretty, Odd, Pretty odd.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Travel in Groups

These are cute, and I don't put that out there lightly. Duval Guillaume, Brussels, Belgium.

The Latest Mixer

And yes, this is a shout out to those who decided to do something the day before V-Day. Even if it was merely having a drink with us. And for those of you who didn't make it, this is kinda like being there, if not really like being there. And oh, big shout out to the one guy working, Soko Photo, for capturing the faces there.

Wach this.

Yankee Gal from Yankee Team on Vimeo.
Incredible story/animation. short film directed by Celine DESRUMAUX, gary LEVESQUE, Antoine PEREZ & Francois PONS. It was made in Supinfocom during 2008.

1, 2, 3

OH, that's why I should learn to Tango. Diamond Ogilvy, Seoul, Korea

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Like Adam Savage

I mean I liked his show, I liked his quirkyness, but after watching this I realize, for the first time, he embodies the creative. At least for me. The unending desire to do the work, to create, to be in the process. The unbridled joy that allows me to forget the downs, the unending struggles to fight and fight for what I believe is right, even though most may not see it at first. Sure it could be easier, seamless, we could all cave in or compromise.

It'd be faster.

But that is not what I am here for. Or at least not why I am here. A little ADD, a little obsessed. A little better for it each day.
Take some time to watch this, enjoy it and share, then, keep going. Push a little more. Great is right there, get beyond the good.

Just a little more. Good Luck.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Come on down and get you some! Jet Hotel 6pm.


I have never been this excited about an iPhone App. This is bigger than Google, Facebook, and tilt shift if they had some random threesome and created some bastard child. USE YOUR PHONE TO SHOOT TYPE FACES AND FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE. I REPEAT: USE YOUR PHONE TO SHOOT TYPE FACES AND FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE. Stop reading and download What the Font. DO IT NOW.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

House of Cards

Telling, isn't it. When ads looking for help move from food to the housing crisis.

Our Creativity

I post this for the animation and the message, but not the messaging nor the copy. Enjoy the look. Scratch your head for the anti-green-ness.

Heart Art Tonight

A great cause and some beautiful pieces of art to boot. This is one of the best events in town, local artists pitching in as they so often do, to help a very worthwhile cause Project Angle Heart. Attend and get that perfect piece for the home or office. Trust me, they also make great V-Day gifts. Register here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Environmental Propaganda You can Get Behind

Walrus NYC

The Onion Tech

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work
As usual, The onion is on point. NSFW: There is a lot of language that is not necessarily suitable for kids, bosses, clients and copywriters with sensitive ears.

The Animated History of the Internet

You may ask, where did all those tubes come from. Al Gore? HMMM... Well, now you know. (spoiler: the French had a hand in it. VIA Gizmodo.

Where is Mr. Ray Parker Junior You Ask

Right here. And yes, it is infectious. Try not thinking of this for the rest of the day. The Brooklyn Brothers, United Kingdom.

Absolut World

I Love this. Just absolutely adore it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

IDEO Circa 1999

This is from Nightline in 1999. A few thoughts. IDEO is amazing even then and it seems pretty transparent how may of their processes have made their way into our industry. Second, the narrator can't get ride of his obvious angst that they are swimming against the main stream, even if he wishes to play it off as a joke. And third, who waouldn't want to work in this environment.

And now, a message from the FUUUTUUUURE

Those things will never catch on.

Take me riding in the Car

Fun little stop motion animation. Not much to say about the brand here, but it does keep you watching.

Anything on Paper

Great ads about illustration with predictably great illustrations. Rios Illustrations Studios.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Powerless League of Printing

I'm a little sad about this...oh wait, I'm a LOT sad about this. They missed on audience, humor, relevancy. It's only funny how bad it is, after you get over the sad part.


Love the art, love the kitchy-ness. Especially love the idea. Fun all around on this one. Saatchi&Saatchi, Milan, Italy, Who knew they get the SciFi channel in Italy, thought they were above that.

Oldest Story Known to Man

Seen a lot of ads, but never seen this. It is a wonderful study in how times and sensibilities have changed. Or have they? Loducca, São Paulo, Brazil

Drawing Board to the Desktop: A Designer’s Path by Michael Beirut, NYTimes

THE technology we have at our disposal is dazzling, and our efficiency is such that clients expect fast solutions and nearly instantaneous updates. We are proud to deliver them. Still, I wonder if we haven’t lost something in the process: the deliberation that comes with a slower pace, the attention to detail required when mistakes can’t be undone with the click of a mouse. Younger designers hearing me talk this way react as if I’m getting sentimental about the days when we all used to churn our own butter.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Heart Art Event

A great cause and some beautiful pieces of art to boot. This is one of the best events in town, local artists pitching in as they so often do, to help a very worthwhile cause Project Angle Heart. AIGA is still accepting artwork if you feel you can participate, do it! For the rest of us, we can attend and get that perfect piece for the home or office. Trust me, they also make great V-Day gifts. Register here.

See More Documentaries

Documentaries: The bastard stepchild of popular moviegoing audience. Well, bask in your arty-fartsy hipster superiority, Colorado Creative Elite, as you check out one of the year's best documentaries, 'Man On Wire', making a return visit to the Starz Film Center this weekend.

It tells the story of the one man and his team who broke into the World Trade Center as construction was being finished, strung a line between the two towers, and proceeded to walk across from one tower to the other a total of seven times. It's more than just a movie about heroic nose-thumbing in the face of authority--it's a love poem to the passion it takes to get the unimaginable done. See it. Remember it. Try it for yourself.

(note: the ADCD does not condone high-wiring through the streets of Denver. Unless it's artsy and well-designed.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Locals You Don't Know: Iloveyukiko+design

Check out the International design and photo chops residing in our own backyard. Broomfield, servicing London, Tokyo and oh yeah, Denver. Get to know Reed Fillingham.

Want us to get to know you, submit some work damn-nab-it. Off to your left.

Adults Only

This just seems badly conceived. Almost as much as that was.

Baby Eater

Check out the limited-edition belt buckle, Baby Eater out of Boulder based Cipher 13. If the buckle doesn't do it for you, maybe the package will. Only 60 available, and you can support the locals. But, get them quick, they'll be gone fast.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The difference between look and feel

There's definitely a difference between look and feel. Nothing about this look says anything about drinking and driving until you put in the words 'drinking and driving'. Then it's all about feel. Sometimes the image doesn't need to directly refer to the copy. Sometimes the two complement each other nicely. That, dear friends, is feel.