Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Command-O Your Mind

All great suggestions, and if you would like to be reminded to do so, head on over to to buy.

Proof You can do Great with Less

Sexy clients aren't the only ones worth sexy ads.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scorsese does Hitchcock

THIS IS WONDERFUL. Masterful thinking out of JWT Spain, Masterful Scorsese. Keeps you guessing throughout, too bad it's an advertisement. Then again, it's wonderful work.

Nike: Next Level

Never have been a big fan of soccer, something to do with my limited attention span and being American, but, this is a great spot. Looks like another "put me in their shoes" POV until the training is brought in. Good message for the kiddies too.

Office Space Available

Not sure they needed the guy on the ladder though.

Octopus Tread

Beautiful retouch and art. Even the octopus has a racy feel to it. Nice one-off ad for tires

BMW Maze

This is really similar to a previous post. Like the retouching here better, but the layout of this better. Insight works for both products equally as well.


Nice one off ad. Although, not sure why the model doesn't look more like the actress.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Call For Entries

Just a reminder, the 2008 Call for Entries is open. If you have the great work (we know you do) enter it, sit back, and let the accolades role in.

Weight Watchers

Why hasn't any thought of this before?

Turn Out the Lights

I've been looking at a bunch of guerilla ideas this morning, and while all of them use unique executions to make a point, they're mostly sout of context. This stands out more because it plays with the environment.

The medium is the message.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Coke Zero Sucks

Nice ads for Coke Zero, if local hero Evan Hecox had actually done the work. They called:

Two weekends ago I was out running errands and I stopped at the light at Franklin and Cahuenga which is pretty much the most northern end of Hollywood. I stop in the left hand turn lane, and dead ahead of me I see a billboard that shocked the crap out of me. It’s a Coca-Cola Zero ad with Evan Hecox-esque artwork. I studied it for as long as I could, and as I turned left I said to myself, “There’s no way Evan did that.”

So last night I went out to the corner of Franklin and Cahuenga, took the photo above, and sent it my friend Andy, who just happened to Evan last weekend. Andy said to Evan, “Hey Evan, I saw the billboard you did for Coke”, but I guess Evan was bummed because he didn’t do the billboard. Evan said that the ad agency called him to do it, but he turned them down.

it's unfortunate that he didn't do the work. Making it more of a rip off.

VIA Kitsune Noir

Super Bonder

GREAT IDEA, until you see the art at the back. And then, you just wish they made it look great too.

GPS Maze

GPS ads are a dime a dozen, but this has nice art. Yeah nice art.

Sony Bravia

Visually dynamic, on target, and not in line with anyone elses ads. Nice.

Pixel Graffiti

2 Ads for Bic

Only Bic could, and owned it too.

UbachsWisbrun/JWT, Amsterdam

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The world is awesome.

...and so is this ad for Discovery Channel. Boom-d-yadda, boom-d-yadda.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

See things Explode

Here. Enjoy.

What is Art?

What is art, I know, let's ask people in the streets, and then put them in claymation!
YEAH, that's it.

Shoot People in Texas

In Texas, do you really need to find reasons to shoot other people. Even though this does it in an engaging way, especially if you are often attacked by the targets.

Publis Mid America via Ads of the World

Scion Create Your Crest

Scion has a great interactive site where you can customize your own modern Family Crest. Pretty wide range of parts to choos from, just wish you could customize the name more. Was looking for the killer ADCD Crest, but settled for the Killer Denver one instead. Get your own.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Adidas Left/Right Project

Nice Project out of 180/TBWA. Nice artist link with the shoe, nice east west tie, pretty good names too. Just could do without the "you guys did a nice job with that" guy near the end. Pats on the back anyone?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ADCD's 2008 Call for Entries

The 2008 Art Directors Club Annual Award Show is now open. You can go to right now for the rules and to enter your work.

For 53 years, ADCD has been committed to showcasing the very best work in Advertising, Design, Photography and Illustration from Colorado. In order identify it, we are bringing in some of the hottest names in the country, Joe Duffy from Duffy and Partners, Jim Landry from Mono, from Howard Schatz Photography and Rob Sweetman from Rethink.

Bring your best work and see how it rates against theirs. These guys aren't easy to impress. Think you have what it takes?

Tori Amos Comics

Tori Amos songs brought to life by the biggest Comic Book artists.

Some of today’s greatest graphic novelists and comic book artists have each taken one of Tori’s songs and transformed it into a visual story. The name of the collection itself comes from a lyric in her song “Flying Dutchman”, and even though I don’t know much about comics, all the comic blogs are saying that the list of contributors to the project is a who’s who of that genre.

I like her work but wouldn't define myself as a fan, until now. If you are in this biz, I nearly have to assume you are a comic book geek, or at least have an appreciation of the talent it takes to do that line of work. This seems like it will to be the go to source for finding the artists.

VIA Shape and Colour

These are inspired, specific to a target, entertaining and simple. Bravo. DDB South Africa.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I like these ads, I really do. I like them for the simplicity. yeah, that's right, the simplicity.

Do you know what you eat?

Nice new campaign for Greenpeace, what DNa we are now putting where.


Tarako, Taraoko, something, something, something, Tarako, Tarako.

Don't Fu¢k with Love

If yo can deal with the language and the low reziness of it. This is just fun, in a low-tech way.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coke Bottle History

Love the design of the older coke bottles and cant help but wonder what we have lost in design. Next to the old bottles, the new one looks terrible.

One Picture a Day

One picture a day for the rest of his life. Admire the commitment and the eye for detail. Keep an eye on this guy. LINK. Would like to see more of this locally. Would even post them here if anyone is interested, hit me with an email.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Nice Art direction and copy. Pretty good idea. At least they are entertaining.

Upset Stomach

Memorable? Check.
Product Benefit? Check.
Nice? Check.

Typographic Nut?

Prove it by playing the font quiz. If you dare. But be warned it is for the true lovers of type only, otherwise you might just be outed as the helvetica-only-user you are.

Font Game

Secret Order

Veer has had some really great mailers in the past (the Summer Fun Pact comes to mind) but this may be the best yet. A secret society, with beautiful wall papers free with riddle solutions, a handbook, free stuff. If only it weren't stock.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pentagram's Michael Gericke this Thrusday

Michael Gericke,
Partner, Pentagram New York

Michael is a Partner in Pentagram¹s New York office and joined the firm in 1985. He has been responsible for exhibitions, identity programs, posters, publications and environmental graphic programs for clients that include the American Museum of Natural History, Center for Architecture, the Museum of the City of New York, the Municipal Arts Society, the National Gallery of Art and the Skyscraper Museum.

He has been actively involved in the design efforts for Lower Manhattan. His recent projects include the design of the original Viewing Wall that surrounded Ground Zero ­ an outdoor exhibition and the first structure to be built at Ground Zero; a major graphics program for the PATH train terminal designed by Santiago Calatrava; the signage and wayfinding program for the World Financial Center; the graphic programs for the Freedom Tower and Seven World Trade Center. He is currently responsible for the identity and graphics for Silverstein Properties¹ three new towers at the World Trade Center site designed by Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Fumihiko Maki.

Michael has also led the design team that recently redefined professional sports venues with the branding, wayfinding, exhibition and graphic system for the Arizona Cardinals NFL stadium (selected as one of the world¹s most innovative sporting structures, and home of this year¹s Super Bowl). He also oversaw a new image and environmental graphics program for all embassies and consulates, worldwide, for the United States Department of State.

His identity work is wide-ranging and he has produced comprehensive identities programs for CBS¹s television coverage of the 1992, 1994 and 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games; the FIFA World Cup soccer championships that were held in the United States in 1994; the ³Airtrain² that connects Manhattan to Newark and JFK International Airport; and ³One Laptop Per Child² - an initiative with MIT that will provide innovative low cost computers to underprivileged children around the world.

Educated at the University of Wisconsin, with a degree in Communications Design, Michael moved Colorado in 1978 and worked for several years at Communication Arts in Boulder.

He has received hundreds of accolades from design associations and museums, including Fortune Magazine¹s Beacon Award for the creation of outstanding strategic design programs. Michael's exhibition, identity, environmental graphics, promotional and poster work appears regularly in international design exhibitions and is represented in the permanent collections of the Paris Musee de la Poste, the Warsaw Poster Museum at Wilanow, the Hamburg Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Neue Sammlung Museum in Munich, Japan¹s Ogaki Museum, the Denver Art Museum, and the Library of Congress. He is a frequent lecturer at universities and professional organizations and has taught identity design at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Michael is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale, the Center for Architecture¹s advisory council and the board of directors of the Society of Environment Graphic Designers.

The search for creativity is an eye- opening journey. Michael Gericke will discuss the thinking behind the mystifying search designers go through trying to find that elusive "great idea." His presentation will survey a number of classic Pentagram projects - including posters, identities, exhibitions and environmental graphics - from the source of their inspiration to realization.

Come see Michael this Thursday, April 17th, at the Denver Newspaper Agency Auditorium.
Click here to RSVP until Wednesday, Thursday, you can get tickets at the door.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Death of the Internet

Oxford Professor Jonathan Zittrain is predicting the end of the internet.

Basically, Jonathan Zittrain argues that the wild, woolly nature of the web, with viruses, identify theft, Rickrolling, etc., are frightening for people like your mom, who want a neatly tied-up-in-a-bow kind of experience, even if that extra security means less freedom. (Current event analogy alert!) So, he sees people moving to "tethered appliances" controlled by dictatorial manufacturers, like the iPhone or Xbox, rather than good ol' open PCs. End result, says the prof is the death of innovation and the internet as we know it.

Of coarse, that would assume that no one ages, stays where they are and everyone stops learning. Foolish.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Putting the King in Stalking

Not sure this would be great if you had been stalked, but the copy is inspired. Every once in a while an ad actually put a grin on my face. This is one, not sure I'd buy them, but would remember them.

Pizza in a Blackout

Fun advertisement. If nothing else, you will have a nice solve for those midnight hunger pains. Either way, I applaud the innovative thinking on such a mundane point of connection.