Monday, March 31, 2008


Nice follow up to the Movie Theater ads they have been running.

Thank You

This is just how I feel, now, how to tell my Significant Other.

I would have to be cleaner than that!

Leo Burnett, Canada

ADCD 4th Judge: Rob Sweetman

Rounding out our quartet from judges is one of the hottest creatives from Canada’s hottest agency, Rob Sweetman of Rethink Communications. For five years, this ACD/Partner of the Vancouver hothouse has created some of the most talked-about work from the Great White North. He is no stranger to introducing dynamic new thinking to all facets of media as seen in a juicy medley of accounts: Solo Mobile, Science World, Sirius Satellite Radio and the BC Lions Football Club. And that thinking has translated into the top rung of award show recognition, including One Show Pencils, Cannes Lions, Clios, D&AD, and Communications Arts, where his agency was profiled in a feature article last year.

So. To recap, we scored the best of the best from Canada, a CD who blazed serious trails throughout Minneapolis hotshops, and a pair of legends in design and photography. Four judges with insane pedigrees will make the 2008 ADCD Annual Show one to remember. Look for the call-to-entries in early April, and we hope to see your best work. So do the judges.

Save the posts

If you won't, who will?

Fresh Produce

Fresh Work out of Wax, Canada. The executions are nice, but what really draws me in is the approach. Taliking about how fresh the fruit is even in winter reminds me that no one talks about where the fruit comes from, or how it got here. At least it makes me look twice. (although hate the banana execution but love the peach)

Friday, March 28, 2008

visualizing words

This isn't really news to the net, but it's news to this blog and may be news for you. Take a look at an interesting way of sharing stories as an image.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

spend a sunday with your favorite photographers

If you get obscure cable/dish channels, be sure to check out the Genius of Photography marathon on Ovation TV this Sunday. It's a visually stunning look into the work and lives of some of the greatest photographers. The show features traditional journalists, fine artists, commercial photographers and more. While you're stuck to the tube, catch the documentary on David LaChapelle


Very Nice. Clean simple. More impactful as an explanation visual, as you can see the change in the hair, with the nice light. I still like it, I just feel that it loses something in the real world, which is why we do ads in the first place, for the real world, or awards.

Leo Burnett, Beirut

Hearing Aid

These are beautiful, well directed, and meaningful. I am not yet to the place were I would need one, but if I were, this would be very moving to me. These are the type of ads that I really like, proof you can take anything and make it extraordinary. The only pick I would have is if there was a need for the copy line.

Richter7 out of Salt lake City. Who would have thought?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Please Use

This is pretty funny, and hopefully not degrading because of it. The humorous appraoch to the subject we tend not to discuss is always welcome. The funniest part is it is from France. Stereotypical, Oui, untrue, C'est nes pas.

Father Bobbin

Father Bobbin environmental advertisement. How could you ignore this.

There's a hot new talent in these parts.

Serious talent. Mad skills that rock like no one's business. A
resume with a delicious menu of clients. A book with a roller
coaster of styles. Have you seen this person? Who are we talking
about? You, of course. When you put yourself out there on the new
ADCD Creative Resource at, everyone sees you in this
sickeningly competitive, tiger-eat-tiger steel cage match of an
industry. Maybe your future partner. Maybe your future employer.
It's free to all members, so if you're a cardcarrier, why haven't you
taken advantage of it? Just wondering.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alka Seltzer

Hooray for brave clients, those who are willing to let the visual carry the load, those who do not succumb to the need for logos or copy that needlessly explain. They are the future, they are the innovators. Be more like them I say.

Beautiful photography as well as idea.

Hair Take 2

Thought this would be a good follow up. A bit o' this and that. Like the different take on the hair care world, but it isn't as much as a departure, still, like the no hair showing. But the other ads have a beautiful attention grabbing illustration, these may get over-looked. Not as attention-grabbing.

Get the City Out

I like these the most for the illustration, I like these next for the different take on the hair industry, I like these the least because I'm not sure anyone thinks about "Getting the City" out of their hair. Or maybe they should.

Monday, March 24, 2008

4th Annual Paper Fashion Show

Oh sure. Models can strut around in silk and polyester on some Parisian runway. But it takes real talent to pull it off in paper. The 4th Annual ADCD Paper Couture Show again didn’t disappoint as teams of Colorado’s most up-and-coming designers sliced and diced paper to create dazzling dresses out of this intriguing materials. Attendance was at an all-time high at the DC Lounge for this fundraising event (all proceeds going to the Downtown Center for the Visual Arts), and saw tight, tight competition. In fact, first place and third place were only separated by a mere four points.

Here are your 2008 winners:

First Place went to Five Green Boxes. Designers Charlotte Elich, Carrie Vadas, Rachele Elich and Carlen Vadas teamed up to create “Printemp”, an inspiration concocted by Springtime and the Astro Bright line of paper sponsored by XPEDX. Jennifer Carpenter modeled.

Second Place was given to EDAW with Vaike Hass, JanMarie Locket, Kathy Kambic, Allison Graham, Desnise Anderson piloting four outfits that span the history of the profession of urban planning and landscape architecture. Kathy Kambic and Clay Phellan modeled. XPDEX sponsored

Third Place was awarded to Sew News and the collective brainchild of Beth Bradleym Ann Hardell, Amy Stalp, Ellen March, and Colleen Skells. Inspired by haute couture, the sophisticated yet fantastic colors of Alice in Wonderland, and Cecil Beaton’s costume design in My Fair Lady, this dress was sponsored by XPDEX and modeled by Corine Emory.
Really, though, and in the risk of coming off corny, everyone was a winner as these dresses were sold at auction to go to charity. A big thanks to Scott Lary and his troops for pulling off another highly-talked about show.

How talked-about? Well, see the news feed for yourself:

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Paper Fashion Show Photos

The 2008 Paper Fashion Show was a roaring success.

Get an early peek at some of the photos from the show over at Mark Stevens Photography

Saturday, March 22, 2008


These are attention grabbing, taking the recognizable characters into your home, you really just have to look and ponder why they are there. Only question I have is why Spiderman has to be altered when Vador does.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hot Video

No Comment. BBDO out of Paris.

These are just fun.

Maybe it's just the geek in me. Maybe I think the illustration is nice. Maybe its both, but I had to share. Keep an eye on Pixeloo as I am sure they will be posting more.

David Pahl Photography

Head on over to David Pahl's Blog, one of ADCD's good friends and a great local photographer to boot, to check out what he has been up to lately, you might even see some award winning work, if you've been to any of the local award shows.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Crayon Physics Game Deluxe

In contrast to the highly rendered video gam market, this is absolutely wonderful, something I could spend days playing. Check out the video (turn the sound off) and then head to to the game preview blog.

For some odd reason, Windows only though.

Habitat for Humanity

I love these, smart, empowering, not too guilt ridden, and simple for a non-profit.

Micro Machines

Not that I immediately think of Milan for toy cars, but I would stop, maybe even play.

Future Protection

Nicely put-in animation.

Kaiser Permanente Addition

Yes, yes, clearly you are.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Paper Fashion Show

This event is like an animated juried art show in which the participants' create wearable fashions made entirely of paper and show them off at a high energy runway show.

The event is in it’s fourth year and this year will feature paper clothing made by teams from a wide range of areas of expertise. Some design teams include well-known, local fashion designers — a team headed by Mona Lucero, joined by both painter Jason Appleton and mash-up master dBom, promises to be avant-garde. Art school faculty and students are represented, several local design and advertising shops, and a group from a locally-published sewing magazine, rounds out the competition.

Paper Couture benefits Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA, as it is more commonly known), a community arts center that provides a safe space for kids to experience visual arts in a neighborhood that isn’t always conducive to doing so. They provide drop-in studios where 7 to 17-year-olds can come after school and work on a variety of creative projects, as well as on-job training and internships intended for middle school-aged kids. Other programs work to involve the whole family or supply outreach for those who can’t get to DAVA. Last year Paper Couture raised thousands of dollars for DAVA, and the kids get involved, too, making dresses right alongside the other designers.

Tickets will be available at the door.
Thursday, March 20, 6 p.m. – 11 p.m.
 940 Lincoln St. 
Denver, CO 80203

Fine Art Prints Available at MoCP

Shining examples great photography now as fine art prints over at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. The selected prints are from LukeBattan, Jonathan Sadler,Kaylyn Deveny and Gretta Pratt. They are arresting, and I cant help but feel they tend to lean to commercial photography. Inherent messaging, stron product placement, maybe just me, but they are wonderful, head over to their shop to see more or to buy.