Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ADCD Judge: Duffy writes for

Head over to and read Joe's article on the uprising status of design and the open-source design trend (you may remember something like that from Josh Spear). He has a great take on it from maybe the best view of design, the top.
Design's power lies in its fundamental purpose, making something better -- an experience, a product, a message, a cause. We're seeing that purpose utilized today in the way products like the iPhone and the Mini are changing entire business categories. We're seeing it in the way better products and services are identified, packaged and presented to their audiences?not only to look better, but to be better -- for you, for the environment and, yes, for the bottom line.

Our industry has evolved from marketing through metaphors that suggest an experience an audience might desire to offering the audience the ability to make that experience their own. Creating and reinvigorating brands with this in mind will be the difference between success and failure in the new world of marketing.

When design becomes an important part of our culture, appreciated and practiced by many, at many different levels, as it is in Japan, those who practice design as professionals will find true respect and, more importantly, an engaged and grateful audience.

Any wonder why were so excited and honored he is coming out here to judge our best work? Or why when we find judges they are multi-disciplined?

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