Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Couldn't Agree more

This is my new recomendation to all students looking to make the leap to a profession in the Creative Arts:

Partnering with the publishing house of yet another STEP Emerging Talent alumnus, Giorgio Baravalle (2007), Andreev and Covert have written and designed Never Sleep: Graduating to Graphic Design. Chronicling their journey to founding their own firm, Andreev and Covert lay the foundation for an inspirational and often quite humorous story of two determined young designers who seem to have discovered a fast track to professional success. The narrative covers the basics-interviewing, interning, building a portfolio and the balance of life versus computer-but they then solicited essays from their mentors, from Michael Vanderbyl to Eric Heiman, to round out a roster of sturdy, time-tested advice. Now that they're experts on the subject, what do they think is the most important thing for design graduates to remember? "Keep knocking and the door will open," answers Andreev, while Covert says, predictably, "Never sleep."

Now, at least you'll get a jump start. Buy it here.

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