Friday, February 6, 2009

See More Documentaries

Documentaries: The bastard stepchild of popular moviegoing audience. Well, bask in your arty-fartsy hipster superiority, Colorado Creative Elite, as you check out one of the year's best documentaries, 'Man On Wire', making a return visit to the Starz Film Center this weekend.

It tells the story of the one man and his team who broke into the World Trade Center as construction was being finished, strung a line between the two towers, and proceeded to walk across from one tower to the other a total of seven times. It's more than just a movie about heroic nose-thumbing in the face of authority--it's a love poem to the passion it takes to get the unimaginable done. See it. Remember it. Try it for yourself.

(note: the ADCD does not condone high-wiring through the streets of Denver. Unless it's artsy and well-designed.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if anyone heard it. But there was a great interview on CPR Colorado Matters with this guy. Highly entertaining.