Monday, September 8, 2008

Map of Imagery in Music Genres

Trying to write that hit #1 song but not sure what the content should be. Should I talk about her eyes, lips, ass?

First, apparently, you should decide what category you are writing for and then cross reference Fleshmap's category break down on what artist are writing about the most. Most often across the categories are the Eyes, windows to the soul and all. Then again according to rap an ass may be the window to the soul, which gives the phrase a whole new meaning. And then there's blues, represented by a hand, which might be why it's the blues.

What do we sing about, when we sing about the body? The chart below, based on a sample of thousands songs, tells the story. The size of a circle corresponds to how often that part is mentioned in each genre. Click on a genre name to see a close-up that shows exactly what words were used.

Check them out, Fleshmap.

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