Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kashi Vitality Package Stands Out

Maybe I'm a sucker for anything printed on what looks like a brown paper bag. I've always loved the tactile quality and the interplay between the ink and the everyday-ness of the brown paper. When I went to pick up some cereal on my way to work this morning, this box stood out from the rest easily. It stood out from Kashi's other stuff, as well. It doesn't seem to break from the brand, but rather, seems like a special edition. It doesn't hit a different price point which a special edition might tend to do, though. I like that they included a photo element on the bottom where some companies might not have in this application. 

I wonder what the plan is for the other Kashi products. They do have a community/forum aspect to their brand on their website that focusses on healthy living and such and it would seem like the natural thing to do to extend this packaging aesthetic there, if a brand shift is underway. 

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