Monday, October 6, 2008

6 Beers of Separation

Tooheys Extra Dry, a beer from Australia, is embarking on a pretty cool branding project. Find the person in the world you want to meet the most and share a beer with them. The process is based on the theory of 6 degrees of separation. Seems to me that promoting participation in a brand through a social experiment is a pretty powerful technique, providing the experiment gets enough exposure. That's the key, I guess.

Check the link here. Pretty cool interactive site, as well, though the typography on the About page kind of annoys me. Anyhoo, enjoy. Sorry, no visual for this one. You'll have to click, click, click.

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Leyne said...

6 Beers of Separation star Meaghan Blake's
band The Kandy Apples launch their debut EP,

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