Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Little Magazines

Sometimes you discover beautiful little oddities in random used bookstores or seconhand shops. That's not what happened here, but I'd love to find some of these little magazines somewhere!

Clip/Stamp/Fold has a cool little timeline (1960's-1970's) of these little architecture magazines that seem to recall the short lived publications of the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau movements, and later the dadaists. 

This description from the site may be useful for all periods mentioned:
Coined in the early twentieth century to designate progressive literary journals, the term “little magazine” was remobilized during the 1960s to grapple with the contemporary proliferation of independent architectural periodicals. The terms “little” and “magazine” are not taken at face value. In addition to short-lived radical magazines, Clip/Stamp/Fold includes pamphlets and building instruction manuals along with professional magazines that experienced “moments of littleness,” influenced by the graphics and intellectual concerns of their self-published contemporaries.
Check it out.

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