Monday, October 26, 2009

Try doing this

I like this for two reasons: 1: Makes a lot of sense for the product, only using a as a vowel works with the well known experience you get when playing and 2: That had to be a ton of work, not easy. Bonus: all copy is rarely used and rarely done well. Waiting for the english version.
This story was written in Spanish using only words containing the “A” vowel, and has no translation in English. The text tells a tale that make complete sense from beginning to end, and all the words used exist in the Spanish language. The tales is about Abraham and Sara. She is tired of their relationship because Abraham hurts her and is not a good lover, so she decides to kill him. To achieve it, Sara Summons Satan and he indicates how to find Baltasar, the man who will become her lover and will kill Abraham.

Ogilvy, Mexico

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