Monday, September 28, 2009

Community Recognition (an open letter)

We believe in the Denver community.

We believe in the work of this community.

We also believe in the bar this community raises for itself year after year.

We absolutely believe that the best way to reward and recognize the Denver Creative Community of Art Directors, Copywriters, Web Designers, Photographers, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Printers, Producers, Freelancers and Creative Directors is through an Award Show that recognizes excellence in any and all creative mediums.

We’re here to recognize everyone—from the large agencies to the small one-man boutiques, the up-and-comers to the pillars of the community, the traditional foundations to the emerging disciplines.

We will continue to recognize the people and shops as well as the best ideas and the best executions every year because we feel that it is our responsibility to our community to do so.

Of course, it is also our privilege.

With that in mind, we are always looking for ways we can improve our means and methods, our celebrations and our effectiveness in executing to our beliefs.

And since we are about community, it’s important to us that the community has a voice in how it would like to be celebrated. We want to hear from you.

We are holding an open forum, Wednesday, October 7th at 7PM. Taxi Building Conference Room (3457 Ringsby Ct., Denver, CO, 80216). We invite you to meet with the rest of the community as we openly, and honestly discuss how, together, we can improve our celebrations, our work, our community.

Whether you already enjoy our Award Show or would rather see changes, we hope you can find the time to step away from your own great work for a few hours and help lead Denver and ADCD into its future.

We will be there willing to listen and share, we invite you to do the same.

James Pelz
Chris Thomas
Jay Roth
Lindsay Piaz
Jonathan Pite

And your 2009-10 ADCD Board of Directors

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