Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art For Ransom

A year in the making, and wow, was it worth it!

In Fall 2008, ADCD kicked off the Briefies: 80 bright-eyed students from six Universities were tasked to come up with a fundraising concept for Arts Street. The real-live brief was concocted by Stella Yu (pictured), the Director of Arts Street, along with Factory Design Labs Creative VP, Steve Whittier. 

Other professionals stepped up to the plate to mentor the next generation of creatives. Lots of great thinking and enthusiasm came from the teams. In the end, the student team of Karen Andrews, Garrett Buckert, C. Sydney Clewe, and Jeffery Stefonich erupted with a wild idea guided by Steve Koloskus, the principal and founder of Extra Strength. Let the public see a city without art!

Four public art pieces were yanked away two weeks prior, triggering buzz from the media and public. 132 pieces of art from 61 artists were ransomed collectively by the event attendees, 49 of which were included in the Premier Gallery. 

$3,000 was raised and split between Arts Street and RedLine, the 501c.3 non-profit exhibition and studio space that hosted the event. A monster shout out Peter Regenold Bergman, Visiting Assistant Prof. of Art/Communications from Metro for orchestrating this brilliance.

Oh, and the next Briefies is coming up. Stay tuned. It'll be a good one.

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