Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chase Jarvis

Hey Kiddies. Thought we would take a little time and get you up to speed on our up coming events. First, let's divide you into two groups. The first is those of you who know Chase Jarvis. If you know him, know he is the first of our Annual Show Judges this year and he is speaking for us in June. More details to come on that. If you don't know him, hit his website, check out some great photography and then come back here.

Now that you are all up to speed, check out some of the vids he has pulled together.

Oh, yeah, also know that the Annual Show Call for Entries is coming, and if you want, get the head start here, or just wait for the mailer. What ever floats your boat. Just get Denver's best work here so that we can flaunt it.

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