Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Adult Swim: Jacob Escobedo and “Bump Man” Michael Cahill

Continuing on our romp through those things you should do. Do RSVP on the link right over there >>>>>> for Adult Swim.

Not familiar with Adult Swim you say? Sad existence you live. Fear not. Head on to the site, see the experience that is...Adult Swim. Or just stay awake really late, put the kids to bed and turn on Cartoon Network. Be forewarned though, this ain't your kid's network.

The formal words:
Recent years have seen animation roar back into the spotlight as the courageous Adult Swim gravitates this world away from Saturday morning to Saturday nights. Titles today like Fullmetal Alchemist, Sealab, Cowboy BeBop, and Robot Chicken have introduced this new era with creativity, style, and a little sass.

We’re thrilled to announce our May speaker will be a team from Adult Swim. Creative Director Jacob Escobedo and “Bump Man” Michael Cahill will be speaking at an ADCD event, Thursday May 14. Their presentation will cover all things past, present and future for the powerhouse network.

It’s happening at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. ADCD members and RMCAD students (with ID) are free. Non-members are $20 and students are $15. Seating is limited-big time. Get tickets to this event while you can.

But why be formal, just get there.


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