Monday, August 31, 2009

Get the Work You Want

On my drive home tonight, I saw a handwritten message taped to a stop sign. It read: Garage Sale. Buy our stuff so we can eat.


The world seems out of whack these days, and many creatives feel stuck in neutral.

ADCD takes this to heart as we believe all creatives deserve a creative life. With that, a good number of our board members and close friends to our club congregated to pump out this whimsical little read.

Get the Work You Want is a friendly reminder of the little touches we need to progress. Network. Stay organized. Propsect. Fine advice from some of Denver’s finest talent: copywriter Jordan Sher, illustrators Shaw Nielsen, Jarrod Wheaton, Ali Colby, Steve Schader, Sarah Bergman, Liz Richard, and Paul Vismara.

Download it here, please.

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