Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kafka on Ice

If you've been to Buntport Theater lately you know that they are trying to raise money in order to bring Kafka on Ice back to the stage.  Perhaps you've already donated to this cause.  If so, they thank you!  If you haven't donated or would like to ask friends and family to pitch in, here is the sob story:

In 2004 the production Kafka on Ice was created.  It was a success (the Westword wrote "It's safe to say that no one--anywhere--is doing theater like this.") and they always wanted to remount it.  However, several years later, a trailer containing all of their props, costumes, and synthetic ice was stolen.  Very sad.  Now in our Tenth Season in Denver, they are raising the money to bring Kafka back!  So far, they have managed to raise $9,428 of the $14,000.  For the month of October, you can donate on ChipIn through this link:

Anything will help, even $10.  After all, this is their tenth season...and it's the tenth month of 2010!  Help them get closer to their total goal!

Thank you so much for supporting original work in Denver! 

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