Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're looking for you to join our Board

As you know, we're a Club that is all about the Creative Community. In the spirit of that community we are looking for YOUR help to guide the Club into the future. Below is a list of open positions. There's an event on the 20th (see top of this page). Come and see what we have to offer. Or you can contact us via or 720-838-3797. We look forward to the discussion!

Vice-President: We are looking for professionals who have a strong connection to the Colorado community and excellent leadership/communications skills. This 1-year term acts as a liaison to the ADCD President, and oversees the progress of events, in particular the ADCD Annual Show. He or she will assume this role September 24.

Event Chairperson: This individual will act as a liaison between coordinators for specific events and himself/herself. Our ideal candidate will have previous experience running events, demonstrate leadership and strong communication skills.

Digital Chairperson: In this new role, we are looking for individuals who have a minimum of 2 years interactive experience. Your role will be to oversee the development of our new Web site and facilitate social media—a definite resume builder.

Sponsorship Chairperson: The important role creates a liaison between ADCD and current/potential sponsors for our events. You will define the best opportunities and network with sponsors to find the best matches for events, a great way to get to know the community and build relationships for you.

Communications Chairperson: This role is essentially the voice of ADCD. You will have strong writing/editing skills and know the best avenues to advertise all events, news, and things surrounding ADCD. It's a vital role that excites creatives throughout Colorado about what our club is showcasing.

Volunteers to the Board: To help out with planning, design and concepting and assist @ events.

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