Friday, February 4, 2011

You Can Win Tickets To The Casa Bonita After Party

Attention ladies, men, food trucks, aliens currently inhabiting squirrel carcasses, migrating Californians and that very welcoming blue horse with the pretty eyes at DIA:

ADCD has an announcement of such magnitude that I would use ALL CAPS to announce it but it would be really annoying and make all the lowercase letters feel really bad about themselves.

So here goes:

ADCD, here to fore, at this point, would like to announce that we will be giving seven, yes seven, ADCD Super Fans exclusive access to the life-changing diabolical caves, crystalline waterfalls, and yes, the immense pleasure of sitting next to Eric and Craig, the masterminds behind the infamous Old Spice Commercials, at (drum roll please) CASA BONITA on Feb 17th.

During this magical evening, these ADCD Superfans will be dancing a sweet Mexican tango while sipping margaritas the size of a small sombrero and licking the honey off their fingers from the delicious sopapillas.

So how do said ADCD Super Fans BECOME ADCD Super Fans? Just get on your computer, your mom's computer or your boss's computer and post the most exciting, life altering, Old Spice Commercial parody to our facebook fan page.

OR if you're one of the creative ones with nothing to do on a Friday night, create your own delicious parody to share with all the people who actually had plans.

The video with the most "likes" will ensure your access to this wondrous and special evening courtesy of ADCD.

Special consideration will be given to the created videos, unless they suck.

Good luck and you're welcome.

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