Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A c-store not like any other.

Let me be completely frank: I'm afraid of most c-stores. I find them to be sketchy, dim, dirty, and filled with unsavory smells, looks and people. I will only go in one if I'm on a very, very, very long road trip and my only other restroom options are large plants. But, Cumberland Farms may have me second-guessing my c-store aversion. They have totally redesigned their logo, their store layout, their philosophy and their online presence. You can become a fan of their "chill zone" on Facebook, watch YouTube videos of their new flavors and actually provide suggestions for improved quality on their website. A C-store that focuses on c-store things like dairy products, frozen drinks and coffee, but without all the c-store grossness. Check out their new online digs here.


Wes Stone said...

Very Cool, we are putting the link on mycstoreworld.com

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Thanks so much Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

All the work you mentioned was done by Full Contact Advertising not Moseley Group.